Kienshuu (Kaiju) Biology: Edit

Kienshuu (also known as kaiju) are colossal organisms created by the Xionaosions, an ancient and highly advanced race, as a way to feed, power, and defend their home system. The size and wonder of such beasts often can confuse people, especially when they consider the logistics of such creatures. How can it walk? How can it reach its daily food needs? How come it doesn't melt? No animal could ever grow that large, nor avoid starvation, yet the kaiju walk and live like any other animal.

No ANIMAL. Key word is animal.

While an animal taller than a redwood and heavier than a battleship would be crushed under it's own weight, The Xionasions have already figured out such a problem with the invention of the K-cell, a incredibly powerful plant-animal cell hybrid. It functions primarily like a animal cell, but also has a durable cell wall and limited photosynthesis capabilities.

So what about food, water, oxygen, and other stuff? Edit

For food, most kaiju eat other kaiju, eat raw energy sources produced in the core of the planet, or photosynthesize. (continued soon)

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