Kaiju Sizing and Classification Edit

K1: 50+ feet in height or length. Can destroy large buildings, resistant to low-caliber weapons. These grade of Kaiju are the plentiful type of Kaiju, but are also on the bottom of the food chain.

K2: 100+ feet in height or length. Kaiju of this size can rip through standard types of metal, are immune to gunfire, can withstand 3,000 degree heat with ease, and are capable of destroying small towns with minutes.

K3: 250+ feet in height or length: K3 Kaiju are totally conventional weapons, and can only be killed by the strongest of modern bombs. Kaiju if this size can often destroy small geographical ranges, and can resist the explosive force of a nuclear bomb

K4: 500+ feet in height or length: K4 Kaiju are powerful enough to destroy large cities and mountains. They can survive a direct blow from small meteorites and survive in the vacuum of space for an incredible amounts of time.

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