Sentinals: Overview Edit

Sentinals, also known as Vigils, are spiritual manifestations of a being's soul. Sentinals are know for their wide range of possible abilities, their immunity to physical impacts/attacks, and their diverse and powerful utilities.

Current Sentinals: Edit

Bronze Brave: A powerful Sentinal used to demolish opponents and obstacles with it's brute power. It's Spirit technique is a massive blazing spear that it can throw or stab with. It's weakness is it's short distance and lack of any defining ability, relying solely on it's power and special attacks

Jet Jackal: A Sentinal that resembles the Egyptian God Anubis. It uses it's scepter to electrocute and blast opponents away. It's weakness is it's poor combat abilities, falling victim to even the weakest of Sentinals in close combat.

Bizmark: A Sentinal that can summon artillery on it's arms and shoulders. While it can destroy buildings and even towns, it's weakness is the complex process of switching out it's artillery and reloading.

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