Genucho's Multiverse Edit

Project Genucho takes place within a multiverse of 21 5th dimensional Universe. This means that they are each their own world, and every one has it's own time continuum. Within these 21 universes reside planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects.

The Universes Edit

Every universe within the multiverse is special in some shape or form. Universe 21 is the oldest, 1 is the second oldest, 11 has unrealistically over-sized super mechas, etc. Each universe is at least 1 trillion lightyears in diameter, and each of them still grow in size, similar to our own universe.

Worlds within universes Edit

99% of Genucho's stories take place within the multiverse. This number also reflects on characters, with almost every major character being an inhabitant of the multiverse.

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