Zen energy: The Driving Force of Life itselfEdit

Zen energy is the force that drives every living thing in the Omniverse. Every living (and sometimes non-living) being can unlock control of it. 

Naturally, beings small ammounts of Zen energy within the, driving them on in thier goal to survive, conquer, and evolve. However, with training and the right conditions, that being can break their natural limit, allowing them to manipualte their energy to change or destroy the world around them. 

The logistics of Zen-manipulation are rather non-existent. If you can think it up, you can usually do it. The only natural barrier is that Zen is released back into the enviroment when it is used, and a being must regain or summon more to use. 

Uses of ZenEdit

There are hundreds, if not thousands of variations of Zen energy. Some are obvious, like Sentinals and Super-mechas. Others are far more subtle and intricate, often not directly influencing it's use and effects in a scenario. 

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